De Kwelderkraan van Hanze Wetlands BV. is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het werken in kwetsbare natuurgebieden.…
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The Retriever is the large frame that we use for vehicles that need to be powerful and need to have a high carrying capacity. This frame can be equipped with a superstructure for your specific needs. The contracting firm uses the Retriever, among other purposes, as an equipment carrier for the reed mower, wood shredder, stump grinder and as a propulsion tractor for the Alligator collecting vehicle.

Basic specifications

Width across the caterpillars: 2,950 mm
Width per caterpillar track: 1,370 mm
Length: 4,500 mm
Height: Max. 3,000 mm
Carrying capacity: 5,000 kg
Propulsion: Hydrostatic on both caterpillars
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