De Kwelderkraan van Hanze Wetlands BV. is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het werken in kwetsbare natuurgebieden.…
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The objective of Hanze Wetlands Technique is to help you solve technical problems. We do this with well thought-out and reliable techniques.

Traditionally, Hanze Wetlands Technique has two main areas in which we have decades of experience:

  • Track technology that has been specifically designed for use in vulnerable nature areas that have grounds with low load-bearing capacity.
  • Reed harvesting equipment and reed processing equipment.

A wide selection of machines has been developed as a result of these activities, positioning us as trendsetters in wetland techniques.

We can actively support you in the development of equipment for harvesting and processing biomass from wetlands. For this purpose, we offer the following:

  • Based on the proven designs of our caterpillar vehicles, we can design a custom-made vehicle together with the customer.
  • We have expert knowledge in the field of hydraulics, control engineering and pneumatics.
  • We build machines that process thatch reed in a completely mechanical way into a ready-to-use product.

 The frames of the caterpillar vehicles are produced based on our design in our production centre.


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