De Kwelderkraan van Hanze Wetlands BV. is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het werken in kwetsbare natuurgebieden.…
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Hanze Wetlands

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Hanze Wetlands is a company specialized on mowing, harvesting and use of wetlands.

Paludi culture strives to restore poor agricultural land to nature, but under certain conditions. For example, one condition is that the economic function is maintained. This economic function can have various lines of approach, such as harvesting biomass for various applications, water storage, water purification and nature conservation. It is important that the de CO² and N²O emissions are reduced. Simply inundating is not a solution, because this releases more CH⁴. Proper management of wetlands even ensures capturing carbon in the ground.

Back in time
Since 1966, Hanze Wetlands has been gaining knowledge and experience by working in wetlands and we therefore know the specific problems related to wetlands. Our methods for harvesting reed and grass are mechanised in such a way that we don’t damage the ground of the wetlands.  On average, the ground pressure is less than 60 gram per cm². The development of the machines has led us to start manufacturing these machines (see Hanze Wetlands Technique). We also manufacture machines that process the harvested biomass. Examples of this are the Minifix and the Cleanfix.

The latest development in our company is providing advice about using biomass. The various techniques, such as pelletising and briquetting, are known, but the application for reed is not yet so simple, just as discharging the pellets and briquettes.

We test complex methods in which reed and grass are used and pre-processed for anaerobic digestion as well as the developments in which fuel is produced from biomass. The biomass trade is a logic continuation of this. Hanze Wetlands’ ambition is to manage wetlands.

We supports the concept of paludi culture and has discovered the solution for the current situation in the wet, agricultural peatlands.

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